Application of on-site oxygen generator (oxygen generator) in gold mining and processing industry

  In order to improve operational efficiency, the mining industry has been in the process of innovation and improvement. The   oxygen generator   used in gold mining plays an important role in improving safety standards, improving gold yield and simplifying beneficiation procedures. What is the role of oxygen content in gold leaching or gold injection? Gold extraction is an extremely complex process, involving multiple steps. First, gold bearing ores (gold bearing rock materials) are recovered from the ground during mining. Large rocks must be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces. The ore extracted from the mine is crushed into small pieces similar to the consistency, shape and size of gravel. The crushed ore is further processed in a large rotating metal barrel equipped with heavy steel balls. When the ore rotates in the drum, the steel ball grinds the ore into slurry or fine powder. Add water to thicken the slurry or powder to form a paste, and then pass through various l

How to adjust the flow of nitrogen generator equipment

  If the purity of  nitrogen generator  equipment falls below the standard, how to solve it: 1、 How can excess flow improve nitrogen production and purity of  nitrogen generator  equipment The purity and flow originally customized by the  nitrogen generator  equipment will decrease if the flow is increased, and the purity will increase if the flow is low. It is recommended that the flow should not be adjusted by itself. It needs the advice of professional technicians. 2、 Special carbon molecular sieve expired If the  nitrogen generator  equipment is used for a long time, the quality of the special carbon molecular sieve will deteriorate, and the purity of the produced nitrogen will be reduced. The special carbon molecular sieve needs to be replaced, and the purity can be restored. Precautions for maintenance and recuperation after a certain service life of  nitrogen generator  equipment many customers reported that after a certain service life of  nitrogen generator  equipment, there w

How can the nitrogen production equipment last longer

  Aujourd'hui, l'équipement de production d'azote a été largement utilisé dans l'industrie sociale. L'utilisation à long terme de l'équipement de production d'azote dans de nombreuses industries peut causer des problèmes, de sorte que l'entretien est nécessaire à ce moment - là. Ainsi, plusieurs fois affecteront le temps d'utilisation de l'équipement de production d'azote. Comment prolonger le temps d'utilisation de l'équipement de production d'azote? Voici une brève introduction de l'équipement de production d'azote pour les utilisateurs, dans l'espoir d'aider tout le monde. At present, nitrogen making equipment has been widely used in social industries. If nitrogen making equipment is used for a long time in many industries, it will break down. At this time, it needs to be repaired. In this way, the use time of nitrogen making equipment will be affected for several times. So how to prolong the use time of nitroge

If you want to make good use of food packaging nitrogen generator equipment, you must master these basic knowledge

  Overview of food packaging equipment: T he preservation of traditional food generally includes adding vacuum, but neither of the two methods can better prolong the fresh period of food or is harmful to human body. Aiming at the requirements of food preservation, Suzhou XITE company has developed food nitrogen making machine equipment, which is specially used for food preservation. Before food packaging, fill the packaging bag with nitrogen with high purity and high cleanliness, so that there is almost no oxygen in the packaging bag, so as to prevent food oxidation, prolong the shelf life of food preservation, and keep it fresh by physical methods, without any harm to human body. This technology has been widely used in Europe and America, and it is also used in some domestic foods. All parts of the food  nitrogen generator  equipment are imported parts with very high cleanliness, and sterilizers and filters are installed according to the needs of users or special requirements of food.


  高原制氧原理: 道一 制氧机 采用世界先进的变压吸附(Pressure Swing Adsorption)原理,以空气为原料,无任何添加剂,在常温下,外界空气经压缩机加压,通过物理吸附作用,将空气中78%的氮气(nitrogen)和21%的氧气(oxygen)分离,同时祛除各种杂质,瞬时即可持续从空气中获得无尘、无菌、符合国家医用标准的高纯度氧气(oxygen)。其主要核心部件选用进口产品,包管了氧气(oxygen)机的高原可靠运行和氧气(oxygen)的纯洁度。 特点: 1、以空气为原料,不需任何添加、平安无副作用; 2、足不出户,就能制氧;耗电量小,制氧成本低; 3、全套气路均为低压系统程序控制,运行平安可靠; 4、性能不变,维护成本低; 5、持续供氧,停涌自如,流量(flow)可调,随用随制; 6、操作简便,性能不变,噪音低; 7、可选配“雾化”“净化”装置,吸氧和雾化疗法可同时进行; 8、具有遥控和按时功能; 9、具有氧浓度监视及断电报警功能; 希特 制氧机 目前,产品已遍及山东、江苏、四川、西藏、福建、重庆等十几个省市和地区,广泛地应用于行政办公中心、银行、酒店、KTV、足疗、网吧、健身中心、茶楼、养生会所及各种办公场所,为消费者带来健康,为经营者带来丰厚回报。产品经国家质量技术监督局和相关部门检测,各项技术指标均符合国家公布的有关标准,产品技术和结构领先于国内同类产品。

Principle of plateau PSA oxygen generator

  Principle of plateau oxygen production: the Daoyi  oxygen generator  adopts the world's advanced principle of pressure swing adsorption. It takes air as raw material without any additives. At room temperature, the external air is pressurized by the compressor, and 78% of nitrogen and 21% of oxygen in the air are separated through physical adsorption. At the same time, various impurities are removed, and dust-free, sterile and High purity oxygen in line with national medical standards. Its main core components are imported products, which ensures the reliable operation of the oxygen machine on the plateau and the purity of oxygen. characteristic: 1. With air as raw material, without any addition, safe and no side effects; 2. Oxygen can be produced without leaving home; Low power consumption and low cost of oxygen production; 3. The whole set of gas circuit is controlled by low-pressure system program, and the operation is safe and reliable; 4. Stable performance and low maintenanc

What accessories of the air compressor need attention to maintenance

  Important compressor components that should be inspected and replaced regularly: Only about 14% of the maintenance cost is used for the cost of the compressor in its life cycle. More than 70% can be saved through maintenance. If you save maintenance costs, the life cycle (LCC) of the compressed air system will add some unexpected failures, which may lead to the paralysis of station production in the worst case. In addition, the service life of the compressor will be shortened due to increased wear. Other related impacts: If we are damaged by worn  air compressor  parts, or replace cheap third-party  air compressor  parts. As a result, the service life of the compressor will be shortened and the maintenance will be more frequent, resulting in unstable operation and low availability of the  air compressor . The cost of energy will also rise because the compressor cannot work as efficiently as before. Understand the most important components of the  air compressor  and what happens if t