Application of on-site oxygen generator (oxygen generator) in gold mining and processing industry


In order to improve operational efficiency, the mining industry has been in the process of innovation and improvement. The oxygen generator used in gold mining plays an important role in improving safety standards, improving gold yield and simplifying beneficiation procedures.

What is the role of oxygen content in gold leaching or gold injection?

Gold extraction is an extremely complex process, involving multiple steps. First, gold bearing ores (gold bearing rock materials) are recovered from the ground during mining. Large rocks must be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces.

The ore extracted from the mine is crushed into small pieces similar to the consistency, shape and size of gravel. The crushed ore is further processed in a large rotating metal barrel equipped with heavy steel balls. When the ore rotates in the drum, the steel ball grinds the ore into slurry or fine powder.

Add water to thicken the slurry or powder to form a paste, and then pass through various leaching tanks to separate the gold from the rock with chemical solvents. The chemical solvent is a mixture of cyanide and oxygen. This process also helps to convert sulfite into sulfate. Spraying oxygen content in the leaching and flotation cells ensures that the gas is evenly dispersed and reaches all compounds inside.

Compared with other methods, using a large amount of high-purity oxygen has a faster gold yield. It also limits the interaction between workers and toxic chemicals such as cyanide.

Given that most gold mining sites are located in remote areas, the only way to continuously obtain the oxygen content required by the process is to invest in on-site oxygen generators.

What are the benefits of using oxygen generators in gold mining?

Integrating the most advanced on-site oxygen content generator into gold mining operation has many indisputable operation, cost saving, safety enhancement and environmental benefits.

More efficient mining operations

The on-site oxygen content generator used for gold mining ensures constant and reliable oxygen content supply during operation. This eliminates the dependence on liquid oxygen transport, especially given the remote location of most gold mining operations and the variability and unpredictability of oxygen supply in the current supply chain environment.

Oxygen content is a core component of the gold leaching process and must always be available so that mining operations can operate at the best speed and capacity. In the process of gold leaching and spraying, time is very important, so it is very important to complete these tasks on time. Even the slightest delay in oxygen supply can bring huge financial risks to the whole mining operation.

Reduce operating costs

The production of oxygen content on site also reduces the operation cost. The on-site oxygen generator does not need to order liquid oxygen content and wait for delivery. The oxygen generator sucks in the ambient air and separates the oxygen content from the ambient air, while adhering to the high oxygen content purity level required by various operations. Reducing middlemen can reduce operating costs and prevent downtime due to delivery delays.

Better production recovery

On site oxygen production significantly improves the recovery of gold and minerals. The faster the oxygen content is generated, the more gold will be extracted from the ore and the shorter the time required.

Continuous supply of oxygen content

As mentioned above, most gold mining operations need to continuously provide oxygen-containing gas for various processes and applications to improve gold yield.

From the perspective of gold leaching and processing, the installation of on-site oxygen generator can ensure uninterrupted oxygen supply. The on-site oxygen generator eliminates the risk of delay in bulk oxygen transportation and ensures that there is a constant oxygen supply for mining operations, and its purity grade is usually between 90% and 95%.


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