How to adjust the flow of nitrogen generator equipment


If the purity of nitrogen generator equipment falls below the standard, how to solve it:

1、 How can excess flow improve nitrogen production and purity of nitrogen generator equipment

The purity and flow originally customized by the nitrogen generator equipment will decrease if the flow is increased, and the purity will increase if the flow is low. It is recommended that the flow should not be adjusted by itself. It needs the advice of professional technicians.

2、 Special carbon molecular sieve expired

If the nitrogen generator equipment is used for a long time, the quality of the special carbon molecular sieve will deteriorate, and the purity of the produced nitrogen will be reduced. The special carbon molecular sieve needs to be replaced, and the purity can be restored. Precautions for maintenance and recuperation after a certain service life of nitrogen generator equipment many customers reported that after a certain service life of nitrogen generator equipment, there were insufficient gas production, decreased purity of nitrogen generator equipment, powder spraying of nitrogen generator equipment, etc

3、 Solenoid valve failure

Solenoid valve is the main control of adsorption principle. Failure of solenoid valve can lead to insufficient gas production, decline of purity and so on


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