If you want to make good use of food packaging nitrogen generator equipment, you must master these basic knowledge

 Overview of food packaging equipment:

The preservation of traditional food generally includes adding vacuum, but neither of the two methods can better prolong the fresh period of food or is harmful to human body. Aiming at the requirements of food preservation, Suzhou XITE company has developed food nitrogen making machine equipment, which is specially used for food preservation. Before food packaging, fill the packaging bag with nitrogen with high purity and high cleanliness, so that there is almost no oxygen in the packaging bag, so as to prevent food oxidation, prolong the shelf life of food preservation, and keep it fresh by physical methods, without any harm to human body. This technology has been widely used in Europe and America, and it is also used in some domestic foods. All parts of the food nitrogen generator equipment are imported parts with very high cleanliness, and sterilizers and filters are installed according to the needs of users or special requirements of food.

Specific application of food packaging nitrogen generator equipment in the industry:

1. Beer, wine, fruit wine, edible oil, can pressing, bottle blowing and capping can remove oxygen and prevent oxidation and discoloration of carbonated drinks and edible oil. If cork bottle stopper is used, it can prevent the cork in the bottle from mildew.

2. Puffed and fried food: it can prevent the food from being soft and smelly with a small amount of water, and the appearance and packaging are good-looking, which is not easy to be crushed during transportation.

3. Pastries, baked goods and egg yolk pie: the preservation time can be prolonged after nitrogen filling to prevent deformation and crushing during transportation.

4. Milk powder and soybean milk powder: the use of trace nitrogen can prevent or reduce the caking phenomenon caused by long-term extrusion and storage of milk powder.

5. Cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables: filling nitrogen can prevent the harm of pests. Leaving a small amount of oxygen can also reduce the respiratory rate of fruits, and the fresh-keeping effect is very obvious. 6. Candy and small food: mainly suitable for airtight bag packaging.

Technical advantages of food packaging nitrogen generator equipment

1. Convenient installation: the equipment has compact structure, overall skid mounted, small area, no infrastructure investment and less money.

2. Special carbon molecular sieve: it has large adsorption capacity, high compressive performance and long service time. Standardized operation can last up to 10 years.

3. Fault safe system: configure the fault system alarm and automatic start function for users to ensure the safe operation of the system.

4. Continuous display of oxygen content and over limit automatic alarm system: online monitor the purity of nitrogen to ensure that the purity of nitrogen required remains unchanged.

5. The unique cycle switching process of the system reduces the wear of the valve, prolongs the service time of the equipment and reduces the maintenance cost.

6. It is more economical than other nitrogen supply methods: pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process is a simple nitrogen production method, which takes air as raw material and consumes only the electric energy consumed by the air compressor. It has the advantages of low operation cost, low energy consumption and high efficiency.

7. High quality components are the guarantee of constant and reliable operation: key components such as pneumatic valves and electromagnetic pilot valves are imported, with reliable operation, fast switching speed, service time of more than one million times, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low maintenance cost.

8. Advanced filling technology ensures the service time of the equipment: advanced filling technology is adopted to make the molecular sieve evenly distributed without dead angle and not easy to pulverize; The adsorption tower adopts multi-stage air flow distribution device and balance mode automatic compression device. Ensure the adsorption performance and compression state of the special carbon molecular sieve, and effectively prolong the service time of the special carbon molecular sieve.


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