Principle of nitrogen generator and three points for attention in use

 Principle of nitrogen generator:

1. Carbon molecular rope pulley technology realizes self refining, which can not only effectively remove impurities and hydrocarbons, but also provide high-purity nitrogen. Therefore, the nitrogen generator is used in all manufacturers (because the purity requirement is 99.999%). Carbon zeolite technology, not membrane separation technology.

2. Membrane separation technology is to separate nitrogen in the air according to different permeability characteristics, and the compressed air passing through the membrane, even if it contains some impurities and hydrocarbons, should purify the compressed air passing through the membrane in advance. These impurities adhere to the film and are not completely removed. Under the condition of high humidity, the membrane separation efficiency, purity and flow rate decreased.

3. Carbon zeolite technology is suitable for humid air environment and high temperature weather. This carbon molecule rope pulley technology has self-cleaning function, which can remove water vapor from the air and is not affected by temperature changes. However, membrane separation technology cannot purify itself. The level of atmospheric water content directly affects the gas production efficiency of the equipment, and even causes failure.

What should we pay attention to when using nitrogen generator?

After talking about the working principle of nitriding machine, let's talk about the precautions for using this equipment. Before use, please check whether there are sundries at the air inlet. If there are sundries, deal with them in time. The service life of the sealing ring on the piston of the built-in air compressor determines that the equipment must rotate. If the gas source is not connected after use, please do not run without load.



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